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宝塔面板无法正常启动,报错warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8)解决方案
2022-08-05 21:28:01    265    0    0

宝塔面板无法正常启动,SSH登录手动查看错误日志,发现有以下错误信息:/bin/sh: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8)


# 设置语言环境
sudo localedef -i en_US -f UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8
# 重启宝塔面板
bt 1

 如果提示command not found,可以使用如下命令进行安装配置:

# 卸载locales和语言包,重新安装,再执行locale-gen
sudo apt-get purge locales
sudo apt-get purge language-pack-en

sudo apt-get install locales
sudo apt-get install language-pack-en

sudo locale-gen en_us.utf-8

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